Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boland Hike

What a nice week, I had quiet a good week planned. Unfortunately I hurt my ankle on Thru two weeks prior, that put an end to my plans to go climbing with Julea at Kleinmont for the weekend.
By Monday my ankle was healed enough that I could go on a hike. We did three days of the Boland trail. We started at LaMotte Forest station, hiking 8km to Landroskop Hut (LRK). The hiking was interesting, we were a group of not the most experienced hiker so it took us some time but it was real fun. LRK is a really nice hut with a big central fire place and benches all around, we had a good night and drank most of our booz in order to lighten our packs.

Every1 at the start of the hike

The next mooring was a 18km hike to our second night, Berg Hut (BSG). We lost 5 people, who had to go home early, we hiked the first 4km with them and they then proceeded to the car while we turned off the road and hike up a long valley for most of the day, which took a lot out of some people as the sun was really killer. The final downhill to the hut which looked very promising on the map turned out to be very overgrown and very difficult. Suffice to say most people were very happy to reach the hut. Supper at the hut was good fun everyone except me was in one cooking group and Patrick had been caring a frozen bolognaise they cooked the pasta on all the reaming stoves, they had a good meal and maid Patrick’s pack much lighter for the third day.
The third day real killed me, I was caring heavy and we had to be back early enough to get Jess home for Pesach. Getting to the cars was a good relief and the shower I took at the cars had to rate in the top three showers I’ve ever taken. We then maid a mission to go and get some Mc Donald’s on the way home. I must say I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Mc Donald’s, but after 3 days in the mountains it was exactly what I needed.

McD's on the way home.


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