Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I haven’t been posting much but then life has been pretty standard.

I went for a very nice bouldering session on Sunday with Julia and Nick. We went to three boulders in Newlands/Cecilia forest, the first boulder, the river boulder is grate, is pretty small with only one or two problems, I really enjoyed the one, and I’m def going to stick it next time!The only problem is that its pretty rough and I came away with a few grazed elbows and knees, and sore fingers .

By the time we got to the second boulder my fingers were pretty shot I did one clime which absolutely grated my left had, but we did some climb maintenance, mooing rocks ect. We removing one good sized rock, making me rely feel like a kid again digging in the mud :)

The third boulder was The Den which is a really nice boulder, I’m looking forward to more climbing on it. Most of the problems are really hard with few feet, but a challenge is always good!

Find picks here.


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